Teleprompter services for the Northeast 
serving the entire Northeast.
Jib & Hand-held teleprompters for TV & independent producers
Jib Mounted Prompters

Our prompters have been top mounted or bottom mounted on jibs, depending on space requirements.  Either use your jib, or ask about our special package pricing to include a Jib and Operator.

Our 17" is readable from 22', weighs 14 pounds, and requires AC, and comes with extension cords and 30' VGA cable.
Our 10" is readable from 12', weighs 8 pounds, and runs on either AC, or 12V, and may scroll text wirelessly, completely eliminating any cable connections and limiting added weight. 
Hand-Held Prompters

Our 8 pound hand-held prompter works with any "V-wedge" camera plate, and supports the prompter on rods - no strain on camera lens.  Direct, through the lens eye contact on big 10" prompter, which is powered from standard Anton Bauer 12v Power Tap.  Bracket and hand grips are easily adjusted for the camera operator's comfort and balance, and have room for controls.
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