Teleprompter services for the Northeast 
serving the entire Northeast.
Multi-camera teleprompters, off-camera prompters, outdoors, etc.
Need a special prompter for your shoot?

Two camera shoot? - We can provide two perfectly synced prompters.

Interview style? - A free standing prompter mounted next to a camera will make the on-camera talent appear to be talking to an interviewer.

Discussion style with more than 1 on-camera talent? -Combine 1 or 2 on-camera prompter(s) with two free standing side monitors, all scrolling in synch, so that talent appears to be interacting with each other.  Different fonts and/or colors can be used for different speakers. 

Free standing prompter? - Concerned that your tripod can't support the prompter?  Or perhaps the shoot requires that the camera be able to immediately move between prompter scenes and others scenes not requiring a prompter?  Our 10" prompter can be rigged on our own tripod, and stand directly in front of your tripod and camera.  Good for up to 12' readability.

Interatron? - This is an unscripted interview technique where no text is on prompter, but instead an interviewer and an interviewee interact with faces on two teleprompters.  Cameras are pointed directly at each and projected onto the prompter, so that they have a "face to face" interview. 

Outdoors? - Our bright LCD monitors are up to the task, and we can easily increase the contrast. Just let us know in advance and we can bring french flags, extra battery power, long extension cord runs, and black background drape for the teleprompter operator. 

Need an Op only? - Have your own teleprompter gear, but need an experienced operator to complete your crew?  We'll go out with our laptop & software, and feed VGA signal to your equipment.
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