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Other Styles of Teleprompters


The director's face on a teleprompter screen, near Albany, NY

Instead of showing text on a prompter, it  shows the Director's face, so that the director and talent  can have a face to face discussion (vs. looking across the lens).  Talent appears to be talking directly to audience.

Free standing prompters

Teleprompter is on a stand beside the camera, near White Plains, NY

The teleprompter monitor is mounted on a stand beside the camera, so that the talent appears looks across the lens and appears to be speaking to an interviewer.

RED camera - sideways

A Red camera is mounted sideways, with a rod-based TelePrompTer in front.

The client wanted a video shot in "portrait" aspect ratio using a RED camera mounted sideways.  The prompter needed to be free standing independent of the camera.