Providing Teleprompter Rentals throughout the Northeast



Presidential Panel Glass Teleprompters surround a podium at a convention.

2 glass panels on either side of the podium allows the presenter to speak with the appearance of making eye contact with the audience. Excellent for iMag.


2 clear glass Presidential Panels teleprompters flank the podium at a graduation in Albany, NY.

2 clear glass panels flanking the podium enable the presenter to speak without having to look down at notes. Black skirts hide the monitors and cables.

Press Releases

Clear glass Presidential Panels surround a podium at a political Press Release in Kingston, NY

2 clear glass panels surrounding the podium allows cameras to get an unobstructed shot from any angle in the room.

Prez Panels + Floor Monitors

Presidential Panels shown in tandem with floor monitors, at Hartford, CT Convention Center.

Presidential Panels can be used in tandem with additional floor monitors.

Floor Monitor only

Floor monitor teleprompter system, near Boston, MA  Floor prompters also work well for concerts.

2 floor monitors faced the presenter at the Lucite podium, but not the audience.  I've also prompted several concerts with floor monitors.

Prez Panels in Concert

Using Prez Panels in concert, w/o the usual black skirt, allows the stand to blend with mic stands.

Glass Prez Panels used in concert without the usual skirts allow the poles to blend in with mic stands.  Lyrics are eye level for singers.