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Prompter Queen's Experience

I shouldn't name drop, but ...

Teleprompter operator on set with Bobby Flay

Here I am prompting Bobby Flay, and I've also prompted   

Al Gore, Antonio Delgado, Carl Quintanilla,  Catherine Zeta-Jones,  Chris Rock,  Darlene Love,  Denis Leary,  Derek Jeter,  J-Lo,  Joe Biden,  Joy Bauer,  Jeff Immelt,  Ken Burns,  Kristi Yamaguchi,  Liza Minnelli,  Michelle Obama,  Paul Tonko,  Queen Latifah,  Scott Hamilton,  Shaun O'Hara,  and many, many, many others.   

Of course I've prompted on location ...

Teleprompter Operator prompting outdoors in snow

and on all kinds of sets and in studios, for informational programming, corporate communications or political spots.  But this location shoot was definitely the coolest, I mean the coldest.  :-)

In addition to my field gear ...

Freelance teleprompter operator near Albany, NY in TV Master Control Room

I've also used other prompting software in control rooms and remote trucks, such as WinPlus Autoscript and TeleScript AV.

Rubbing elbows ..

The Prompter Queen with Dr. Ruth Westheimer

Dr. Ruth was a bubbly joy to prompt.  I may be the Prompter Queen, but she is in a class all by herself.